AMANDA’S MISSION is to help people heal on multiple levels to improve their quality of life in a natural and drug-free way. She is an advocate for treating all five bodies including the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic self to provide an environment optimal for healing.

Growing up, Amanda experienced health concerns that were undetectable or explainable by “traditional doctors”. She realized doctors were more focused on writing prescriptions to provide temporary relief of symptoms rather than getting to root cause of the problem. She was often misdiagnosed resulting in her taking unnecessary medications that did more harm to her body than good. She started to lose faith in the western health system and decided she would avoid seeing doctors unless absolutely necessary.

In later years, Amanda experienced severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression. She was not interested in taking prescriptions so searched for natural ways to find relief when she stumbled upon Reiki. Fascinated by the body-mind connection, Amanda learned that the body is constantly acting as a map or guide providing signals for what is really going on internally in our psychological world. A lot of health related problems that people experience are actually the result of or linked to ‘unhealed trauma and emotional stresses’. She then understood why doctors could never help her in the past.

Being sensitive to energy is now one of Amanda’s greatest strengths and is what helps her sense, feel and/or see imbalances within the chakra system. Currently Amanda is a certified Usui Okuden and is extremely passionate about helping people remove obstructions in their chakra system to raise their energetic state, and stimulate the body’s ability to self-heal. She has also found a non-traditional way to use her spiritual gifts. Fortified by crystals and sound healing, she is able to assist others by acting as a clear channel for Reiki while acting as a strong vessel for emotional support and guidance.

What Amanda loves the most about Reiki is that it provides numerous benefits, is available anywhere any time, and it compliments and enhances the effectiveness of almost any other healing method.





Amanda currently offers both local and long distance Reiki sessions as well in-home sessions within the GTA. Reiki sessions are also available throughout the week. Please call (416) 333-8601 for all inquiries.