Ashley Lokhram, Muscle System Specialist

Muscle System Specialist

Ashley Lokhram (BSc) is an expert in mobility profiling and evaluation, with detailed and personal assessment tools she can provide you with the customized and specific training you need to move freely and efficiently.

As you continue to change and grow so does your exercise program, with consistent re-evaluations your needs and goals will always be met in the most efficient way possible. Due to her broad spectrum of skills in the medical and exercise profession she has worked with Canadian National gymnasts, bobsledder’s and soccer players. She has collaborated with neurologists, physician’s and chiropractor’s, and has excelled in the field of therapy and patient care.

Founder & Muscular System Specialist

• Honours BSc Kinesiology, Psychology & Health Science

Medical Exercise Specialist

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) JS Specialist

Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)

Biomechanic Specialist

Bio-Motor Control, Configuration & Assessment

Gait Analysis, Muscular Imbalance & Compensation Corrections

Specialties Include

Rehabilitation and Injury Remediation (Works with physiotherapists, chiropractors & neurologists for high risk clients)

Pain Management and Mobility (Chronic pain, injuries, joint immobility, MVAs, post-surgery, cerebral palsy & neuromuscular disorders)

Athletic Performance and Sport Optimization (Canadian National Athlete’s, Bodybuilders, Soccer Teams & Athletes)

To book a consultation please contact her directly at:

(416) 884 -3123

[email protected]