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To ensure safety for our patients as well as our staff during the pandemic, and to respect the rules of social distancing, we are continuing to implement strict COVID safety measures at Shakti.







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Feel.Empowered. Beyond.Health


Chiropractic Care


Optimized.Care. Personalized.Services. Multiple.Techniques

Feel.Empowered. Beyond.Health


Chiropractic Care


Optimized.Care. Personalized .Services. Multiple.Techniques

Being part of the community

“Shakti Chiro has been transforming the health of many lives since 2010. We use a combination of techniques in pain relief for the entire family with a holistic approach. It is very important and critical for us to constantly inspire our patients in their lifestyle and wellness habits. We are encouraging a healthier stronger new generation.”

– Dr. Rogini

Welcome to Shakti Chiro!

Watch this introduction video to learn of what to expect at our clinic and our services ranging from gentle KST chiropractic to traditional with a holistic approach addressing the mind and body connection.

Why Choose Shakti Chiro?

  • We use a combination of KST, traditional chiropractic, and muscle release techniques tailored to specific patient needs.
  • We address from pregnancy, pediatrics to geriatrics population
  • Our goal is to reduce pain, reduce joint stress, and address at the root cause of the symptom to improve overall health
  • Beyond Pain Relief Care we also focus on Preventative Care helping in “re-programming” muscle and nervous-system memory.


  • Hi Dr. Rogini, this is Rose Romano, I'm using my son's gmail account to write this review. I was pregnant and experiencing very painful sciatica, lower back pain and I could barely walk. After a few sessions, Dr. Rogini brought me back to optimal health. I was able to walk freely again and I carried my baby to term having no back pain. I enjoy her overall continued support and guidance with wellness, her energy work and her positive vibe. I highly recommend Dr. Rogini to anyone who would like to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. She is also great with kids! Thank you!

    Kingston C
  • Dr Rogini is a very professional chriopractor that truly cares and tries to resolve / correct any issues. So far I had 3 adjustments and I feel considerably better and know a lot more about my body and by back/spine and I can see the path to improving my posture and back situation. If you are looking for a chiropractor I highly recommend Dr Rogini.

    Saar B
  • Dr. Rogini has been helping me with chronic low back pain; she is so caring and thorough, taking her time to give me a great adjustment! Feeling so much better - thank you!

    Sue S
  • My entire family has been working with Dr. Rogini for over a year and it has changed our lives. Dr. Rogini is friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable - she has helped us all immensely and explained things in a clear and easy way to understand. Highly recommended!

    Analisa K
  • Dr. Rogini has seen me through major life challenges, crisis & the resulting traumas stuck in my body! With Expertise, Compassion & Skill, she's helped me to regain my sense of purpose. Best of all, my pain has rescinded to manageable levels!!! Life is Good! Thanks Dr. R!

    Ramona B


Join our Shakti Chiro Team!

Our Team is always looking for new members to join to support with our mission in helping people feel empowered beyond health and creating a healthier strong new generation that lives a conscious lifestyle. Please send your resume with cover letter to [email protected]. Due to high volume of applications submitted, it may take a little time before we can get back to you. Our amazing team members will respond to each and every inquiry so please be patient during this time.

Position available: Chiropractic Independent Contractor

We are looking for someone who is very driven and motivated to see families. Experience with children chiropractic, KST, ART, Graston technique is a plus.

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