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β€œShakti Chiro has been transforming the health of many lives since 2010. We use a holistic approach for pain relief & wellness for the entire family."

– Dr. Rogini


Shakti Chiro Team

Why Choose Shakti Chiro?

  • Personalized care with cutting-edge chiropractic techniques.
  • Addressing the root cause of the pain
  • Reset the nervous system and muscle memory
  • Collaborative Care


  • Hi Dr. Rogini, this is Rose Romano, I'm using my son's gmail account to write this review. I was pregnant and experiencing very painful sciatica, lower back pain and I could barely walk. After a few sessions, Dr. Rogini brought me back to optimal health. I was able to walk freely again and I carried my baby to term having no back pain. I enjoy her overall continued support and guidance with wellness, her energy work and her positive vibe. I highly recommend Dr. Rogini to anyone who would like to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. She is also great with kids! Thank you!

    Kingston C
  • Dr Rogini is a very professional chriopractor that truly cares and tries to resolve / correct any issues. So far I had 3 adjustments and I feel considerably better and know a lot more about my body and by back/spine and I can see the path to improving my posture and back situation. If you are looking for a chiropractor I highly recommend Dr Rogini.

    Saar B
  • Dr. Rogini has been helping me with chronic low back pain; she is so caring and thorough, taking her time to give me a great adjustment! Feeling so much better - thank you!

    Sue S
  • My entire family has been working with Dr. Rogini for over a year and it has changed our lives. Dr. Rogini is friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable - she has helped us all immensely and explained things in a clear and easy way to understand. Highly recommended!

    Analisa K
  • Dr. Rogini has seen me through major life challenges, crisis & the resulting traumas stuck in my body! With Expertise, Compassion & Skill, she's helped me to regain my sense of purpose. Best of all, my pain has rescinded to manageable levels!!! Life is Good! Thanks Dr. R!

    Ramona B


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Our Team is always looking for new members to join to support with our mission in helping people feel empowered beyond health and creating a healthier strong new generation that lives a conscious lifestyle. Please send your resume with cover letter to [email protected]. Due to high volume of applications submitted, it may take a little time before we can get back to you. Our amazing team members will respond to each and every inquiry so please be patient during this time.

Position available: Chiropractic Independent Contractor

We are looking for someone who is very driven and motivated to see families. Experience with children chiropractic, KST, ART, Graston technique is a plus.

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