Did you know that most anxiety caused by stress can be corrected before it becomes a clinical condition and before medication is prescribed? The shortness of breath or breathlessness experienced during an anxiety attack is due to overwhelming our nervous system causing a ‘fight or flight’ mode due to an excess stimuli around us.

Let's talk about how chiropractic can help in managing anxiety. Poor posture such a forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, and muscle tension in the neck and chest region can cause breathlessness and trigger anxiety attacks. For example if you always work at the desk in front of a computer this typically creates a curve in your spine due to poor posture which in turn leads to the muscle tension. Over the years your postural muscles and muscles of respiration will start to tighten up which causes stress on the internal organs creating anxiety like symptoms like hyperventilation and heart palpitations.

The Doctor of Chiropractic will address each individual muscle of respiration and analyze your posture which contributes to anxiety. Chiropractic adjustments reduces tension of the respiratory muscles, improve posture and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Don’t wait too long, get your posture evaluated and see if chiropractic can help you.

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