Childhood Conditions

- Allergies, Ear Infection, Lung, Headaches, Back Pain, Bed Wetting

Chiropractors address many childhood conditions by treating the root cause. We look at all the possible reasons, the child’s history and we do a thorough assessment to find out why the child is experiencing their present symptoms.

When we look at the child’s present health we address the spine and postural patterns. Why the spine? The spine is connected to our entire body such as organs, glands, muscles, joints and tissues through our spinal cord. The spinal cord constantly sends messages back and forth from the brain to the rest of the systems which is crucial in keeping the body in good health.

If there is a structural imbalance in the spine such as scoliosis or misalignment of a spinal segment this can lead to detrimental health conditions later in life. Typically parents are unaware of postural imbalances in their child and they only take notice when symptoms arise much later on. Keep in mind a good nutritious diet and lifestyle habits play a major role in the child’s health but the spine is an essential component for keeping the body strong which is the foundation to everything. Our centre is extremely kids friendly since we know the importance of addressing childhood conditions before it leads to adult health complications.

Common symptoms we look at are:
• Acute or recurrent ear infections
• Chronic respiratory conditions
• Infant colic
• Runny nose
• Allergies
• Bed wetting
• Scoliosis
• Headaches
• Back pain
• Restless sleep
• Growing pains
• Constipation

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