Upper Back Hump

Also known as Dowager’s Hump is located at the base of the neck on your upper back. The hump is a compensation to many imbalances of spinal structures and lifestyle habits such as poor posture, forward head position and lack of exercise. Overtime the body compensates and utilizes new muscles to carry the weight of the head and neck, stressing the joints of the spine.

In our clinic we see this condition quite often and it is becoming more prevalent in young children due to increase use of technology. Most of the hump can be reversed the sooner it is addressed. The younger the person, the easier it is to reverse however future lifestyle changes is necessary to prevent the re-occurrence of the hump. This hump is not only a cosmetic worry but also causes weakness of surrounding structures leading to pain in upper back, neck, shoulder pain, eye strain, headaches, wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Overtime the hump can cause breathing difficulty and wheezing due to decreased volume of the chest cavity from a poor posture.

Here at Shakti Chiro we will work with you to correct your structural imbalances; reducing the curve of the hump and also our doctors will provide specific exercise tips to strengthen supporting muscles.

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