Disc Bulge/Herniation

Patients with disc bulge or herniation are usually immobile or have limited mobility due to severe pain. Shakti Chiro provides a very gentle, patient centered approach when addressing people with disc bulge or herniation. Most of the time people with herniated disc cannot sit or lay down, hence we can work with them in multiple positions that suit their comfortable level.

People with disc bulge have mostly localized pain like lower back pain with difficulty to bend forward or backward. However, if the underlying problem is not corrected right away the bulge can progress and pain can refer down the leg and into the foot. However herniated disc symptoms can be worse with lower back pain, referral pain, with numbness and weakness of the lower back and leg. Shakti Chiro will use a gentle, non-invasive safe chiropractic technique to correct postural imbalances and muscle weakness which in turn will increase ranges of motion and reduce pain and inflammation.

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