New Patients

Initial Chiropractic Visit 6 &up

Includes a detailed Health History, Detailed Exam, Nerve Scan, Postural Analysis, Xray Report Review and possibly an Adjustment if the Doctor deems it safe. The initial appointment cost is $180. Intake forms and COVID screenings are sent directly to your email; please fill them out before your appointment.

What can I expect during my Initial Visit?

Once you make your first appointment, our receptionist will email you an intake to be completed online. Once our reception has reviewed your intake, she will provide you with an Information Booklet that tells you all in detail on what to expect during the visit.

The doctor will review your complete health history and perform a thorough full body examination to find the physical root cause of the health problem.

We use the latest high-tech chiropractic diagnostic equipment and surface Electromyography (surface EMG via MyoVision) to measure abnormal activity of the nerve and muscles surrounding the spine. More information on the Surface EMG can be found below. MyoVision objectively analyzes and displays the function of the spine and nervous system; things which cannot be seen on traditional X-rays.

Upon your Initial Visit please ensure you commit to the following:

• Arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with completed and signed Intake Form
• Provide copies of your medical records: MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasounds (within the last 2 years) either in hard copy on the day of or by e-mail at [email protected].
• Allocate 1 hour of your time for this appointment

Surface EMG Scan

Also known as computerized nerve scan, it helps us detect areas of nerve interference and muscle tension. This scan, is used during initial examination and objectively measures patient’s progress to ensure positive results.

What do the results mean?

Red: High levels of tension
Pink: Moderately high
Yellow: Abnormally low, fatigued muscle
Green: Normal

What can I Expect on my Second Visit?

Upon your second visit, the doctor will review and discuss the Report of Findings, Treatment Plan, and you will undergo your first Adjustment. This is to ensure that the doctor has reviewed your scans and assessments to find the cause of your problem and determine an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs.


Gentle Chiropractic Adjustment using KST technique to remove nerve interference (Subluxation) and allowing the body to regenerate and heal.

Children Initial Visit 0-5yrs

Includes detailed health history, spinal and postural assessment and checking for nerve interference and gentle pediatric spinal adjustment.

Progress Report & Adjustment

It is mandatory for the Doctors to perform a progress exam/re-evaluation within 24 treatments so as to monitor your body’s response to the chiropractic techniques used and exercises prescribed. In this evaluation the sEMG scan will be performed along with a physical examination. Patients will be informed about their progress in health and about their new treatment plan.