Chronic Pain

Any pain that is lasting over 3 months is considered chronic pain. Post-surgery, injury, chronic inflammation, mental stress and lack of rest can lead to inflammation and chronic pain. It is very common that people with chronic pain end up in a chiropractic clinic after they have tried everything from pain medications to other alternative services. It is here at Shakti Chiro that we can provide relief for your pain!

Typically when we evaluate a patient and assess their health we find severe postural and spinal imbalances, along with poor dietary consumption. Once the spinal segments, posture and diet is addressed the inflammation that is contributing to the pain subsides. Then we usually work on combining other alternative services like physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy to optimize the patient’s health.

Our body is a complex system, which has amazing regenerative and healing powers if the underlying cause of pain is addressed. Hence chronic pain is just the body’s way of expressing a symptom due to a deep underlying imbalance.

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