Back Pain

Are you suffering with acute or chronic lower back pain? You have tried everything but nothing works? Well, we can help you!

Back pain is the common translation for an imbalance in the body. It may stem from repetitive movements, poor ergonomics or bad sleeping habits. Any or a combination of these common habits can lead to joint restriction which results in tightness and inflammation in the back. Back pain is also commonly seen from extensive or improper workouts leading to unbalanced muscle strength or even disc irritations. Did you know that your pain can be caused from imbalanced gait, knee pain, and restricted pelvic region or even from an old disc bulge or herniation?!

Come into Shakti Chiro for an in-depth assessment to discover the root cause of back pain. Our team will address your health history, location(s) of pain and everyday habits in order to create a specialized treatment plan to heal your pain.

Over the years, we see that patients who experience neck pain tend to address their issues much later on and thus this increases the frequency and intensity of the pain. Don’t delay! We can help you find relief!

Find out today how we can help you!