• I have been going to Dr Rogini for over 5 years. Whether I see her regularly or when i have any issues i can always count on Dr Rogini in helping me get back to a healthy state. I always feel better walking out of our sessions and knows she is excellent on her specialty of chiropractic. I live far away from the office but nothing stops me from always going back to her office. In addition she always helps and educates me to understand my body. Gives me more awareness on how to take care of myself

    Puja C
  • Dr. Rogini is amazing! Her gentle Chiropractic treatment methods are so relaxing and her expertise is greatly appreciated. She has always been successful in helping my body heal back to normal after so many hockey injuries. I’m so grateful for that!

    Nathan C
  • I took my 9 month old son to Dr. Rogini after he fell and hit his head. She was able to assess his cranials and spine to make sure everything was aligned. She was very good with him and very patient. He did not cry at all during the treatment because it was very gentle.

  • Rogini helps me a lot with my headache after the accident. KST technique is amazing! No cracking. I really thank her for helping me to renew my life.

    Sylvia C
  • Having had chiropractic care before, KST is absolutely amazing. I felt better right after my first treatment. I would highly recommend this form of treatment. Dr. Rogini is wonderful and patient, explains everything in a way you can understand and the energy was so positive. I am still in shock as to how she was able to pinpoint my problem areas without me saying a word. Incredible! Thank you so much Dr. Rogini

  • Such a great chiropractor! Amazing work for myself and my family. She helped me walk normally again after i injured a disk in my spine. My kids all love going to her as she does gentle KST technique and it helps with mood, bowel movements, and sleeping. Would recommend to anyone!

    Maria G
  • What I love most about Dr. Rogini is that she is gentle, knowledgeable and delivers results for myself and for both my children. There are issues that she identified that I might not have know about until it was too late had I not gone to her. Thanks for all you've done to help myself and my family!

    Parisha B
  • She's very knowledgeable and I've learned a lot from her (techniques on how to strengthen my body, where to find safe foods, chemicals/ harmful products i should stay away from, activities to try, what my body lacks and how to nourish it without depending on medicines for a short term relief). It's amazing how much Dr. Rogini's adjustments has improved my overall health. I feel more in-tuned with my body now than i have ever before physically, mentally and emotionally. I highly recommend Dr. Rogini not just for those who are not at ease But for EVERYBODY who wish to prolong their wealth. Good health is indeed a journey!!! I believe that her passion to promote great health and healthy lifestyle will continue to better others and also the community. =)

    R. Marie
  • My two young daughters and I have been patients of Dr.Rogini. Her gentle technique is perfect for babies and children, also for adults that don't like chiropractic manual adjustments. Highly recommend!

    InnerSight P
  • If you want the best care possible, Dr Roggini is the best thing that can happen in your life. She is very professional, intuitive, caring and just has the touch. She takes care of my entire family for a couple of years now. My children just love her as she always makes them feel better.

    Bakeries G
  • I have tried various treatments over the past 6 years and all worked only temporarily. After seeing Dr. Rogini my condition has been successfully stabilized for the past 2 years. Great job, thank you.

  • Dr. Rogini has helped me a lot with chronic pain I have been having. The pain has decreased significantly from when I began treatment. Her hours are good as I can always make my appts for after work. I appreciate that Dr. Rogini understands when I can't always have appts when needed because of benefit limits. She will work with you whenever you are able to come in. She is definitely the only chiropractor I have used that I have noticed a difference in my pain. Very glad my parents recommended her practice to me.

    Melissa D
  • Dr. Rogini continues to help me with my alignment, my knee issue and overall health. Without her adjustments, knowledge and help I would still be in pain. I am truly thankful!

  • Dr Rogini has helped me immensely with issues of mobility. Thank You.

    Rosina B
  • Dr. Rogini has seen me through major life challenges, crisis & the resulting traumas stuck in my body! With Expertise, Compassion & Skill, she's helped me to regain my sense of purpose. Best of all, my pain has rescinded to manageable levels!!! Life is Good! Thanks Dr. R!

    Ramona B
  • My entire family has been working with Dr. Rogini for over a year and it has changed our lives. Dr. Rogini is friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable - she has helped us all immensely and explained things in a clear and easy way to understand. Highly recommended!

    Analisa K
  • Dr. Rogini has been helping me with chronic low back pain; she is so caring and thorough, taking her time to give me a great adjustment! Feeling so much better - thank you!

    Sue S
  • Dr Rogini is a very professional chriopractor that truly cares and tries to resolve / correct any issues. So far I had 3 adjustments and I feel considerably better and know a lot more about my body and by back/spine and I can see the path to improving my posture and back situation. If you are looking for a chiropractor I highly recommend Dr Rogini.

    Saar B
  • Hi Dr. Rogini, this is Rose Romano, I'm using my son's gmail account to write this review. I was pregnant and experiencing very painful sciatica, lower back pain and I could barely walk. After a few sessions, Dr. Rogini brought me back to optimal health. I was able to walk freely again and I carried my baby to term having no back pain. I enjoy her overall continued support and guidance with wellness, her energy work and her positive vibe. I highly recommend Dr. Rogini to anyone who would like to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. She is also great with kids! Thank you!

    Kingston C
  • I've had chronic pain in my back for so long but after going through procedures at Shakti, I feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Rogini to everyone who wants to live a pain-free life.

    Reina Chu
  • It was with some trepidation that I attended my first appointment but I soon discovered Dr. Rogini is a wonderful practitioner and a caring individual. She provided a very detailed assessment; explaining each procedure, and minimally invasive treatment. Overall, an excellent experience. I have recommended Dr. Rogini and the Holistic HealthCare Centre to friends and family.

    Maurice Simeoni