Dr. Rogini

Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran DC., BSc Holistic Chiropractor KST & Gentle Method

Dr. Rogini, the founder of Shakti Chiro, shows her passion for healing with her practice through adjusting, educating, inspiring and encouraging her patients to ultimate health. Her deep desire to become a chiropractor arose when she was completing her Bachelor of Science degree at McMaster University. Dr. Rogini went through a process whereby she realized that we can take care of our bodies in an alternative way without the use of drugs and surgery. She saw that traditional medicine was very good at treating the symptom, but that through a holistic chiropractic approach she could pre-emptively heal the body and prevent sickness or blockages from occurring in the future. At the time, the chiropractic profession resonated with her understanding of life and the body’s innate ability to heal from within. Her curiosity and interest in living a life drug free inspired her to elevate her education, and she completed her doctorate degree at New York Chiropractic College with a Magna Cum Laude. She feels blessed to be in this holistic profession, for if she was not a chiropractor she would have continued to suffer from an irritable bowel, neck spasms and joint inflammation.


Her mission is to get her clients to “Feel Empowered Beyond Health” hence she chose the name “Shakti” meaning “Power”. Originally Dr. Rogini ran her clinic under the name York Family Chiropractic Care, however she decided to make a change to a name that resonated with her life philosophy. Shakti Chiro is centered on believing that the power of man is within themselves and chiropractic can be the tool to unleash everyone to reach their true potential.

She says “Health is having an optimally functioning body rather than just absence of symptoms or illness.” It is a journey to reach optimal health and Dr. Rogini can help to facilitate this healing by using gentle chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Rogini will work with the patient in finding the root cause of their health problems at a physical, emotional and chemical level. She finds that most of her patients have a “blocked” old emotion related to their present bodily pain. When the emotion is not released the pattern of pain will continue. Dr. Rogini will help you bring awareness of your body mind connection and guide your healing process.

Dr. Rogini has been witness to the tremendous benefits associated with ongoing chiropractic care with herself, family and patients, and looks forward to healing and sharing her knowledge with all her future patients.

Dr. Rogini’s patients range from newborn babies to men and women aged 85. She has adjusted over thousands of patients over the past 13 years. For her it is so important to adjust the entire family, so they can heal and function as a unit and provide an optimal environment at home for healing. This is why you see pregnant mothers, their children and partners getting chiropractic care. She says, “At a deeper level we are interconnected in a physical and emotional level.”

She uses multiple chiropractic techniques from KST, drop table, diversified and Webster. Currently she is also enrolled in “Posture Expert” and “Postural Neurology” course by the American Posture Institute, to further improve the outcome of her patients’ results.

As a mother of three she also feels fortunate to understand the challenges families go through, and she is able to share a holistic chiropractic lifestyle with her patients. Her beautiful practice follows the principle of chiropractic where the body has the power to heal on its own when the proper environment is provided.

She is also involved in providing community wellness talks in the city of Vaughan to inspire people to use their power to change their health from within.

Her past workshops and spinal screening have been at:

• Nature’s Emporium
• Nature’s Source
• Curves
• GoodLife Fitness
• Maple Community Centre
• Churches and Temples
• Canadian Paraplegic Association of Ontario
• Holistic Healthcare Centre

Some of Dr. Rogini’s Community Talks have focused on;

• Pain Management and Inflammation
• Prevention of Osteoarthritis
• Prevention and Management of Back Pain
• How to Heal Naturally & Drug Free
• Benefits of Chiropractic during Pregnancy
• How to Prevent Workout related Injuries

You can follow Dr. Rogini on YouTube for
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