About Shakti Chiro

Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran founded Shakti Chiro in the year 2010. The objective for her beautiful patients to “Feel Empowered Beyond Health” is reflected in the name Shakti, which means “Power” or “The personification of Power” in Sanskrit. Originally Shakti Chiro was located in the Holistic Health Care Centre but as of 2019 we expanded into the Red Barn. As the times are changing so is Shakti rapidly adapting to these shifts. We are still using ancient techniques which are the natural laws of the body along with modern techniques. Shakti Chiro is centered on believing that the power of man is within themselves and chiropractic can be the tool to unleash everyone to reach their true potential.

We have discovered that natural preventative care inspires the younger generation, therefore chiropractic therapy at Shakti provides a balance of therapeutic procedures appropriate for today’s society. Dr. Rogini’s therapy focuses on removing physical as well as energetic/emotional barriers that are causing you pain or discomfort. It is a simple and direct methodology that guides all the staff to treat patients with integrative care.

Life is about continuous growth and changes; as a clinic we embrace this with excitement. We love to expand into new ways of existing and practicing. All of our practitioners are constantly working on improving their techniques, craft and service to our clients.