Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body which starts from your lower back all the way down to your foot. Sciatica is common condition where people self-diagnose. Sciatic pain starts from the lower back and radiates into the buttock, below the knee and into your foot. Common cause of sciatica is from a lumbar disc bulge, herniation or tight gluteus and piriformis muscle.

However you always have to consider why is sciatic pain existing in the first place. When we look at the root cause of the problem usually people have poor posture, poor work habits and weak abdominal muscles that leads them to experiencing Sciatic nerve pain. Shakti Chiro will assess posture, spinal alignment and weak muscles. We correct these postural imbalances which then reprograms the muscle and nerve memory resulting in decrease in pain, inflammation and frequency of occurrence.

Our body is a complex system, which has amazing regenerative and healing powers if the underlying cause of pain is addressed. Hence chronic pain is just the body’s way of expressing a symptom due to a deep underlying imbalance.

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