Sprain/ Strain is a common injury of our ligaments and muscles or tendon from being overstretched. It can be caused from a sport related injury, whiplash or repetitive movements. Most common strains occur in the ankle and the lower back. One is more susceptible to injury due to tired, weak muscles and ligaments, overuse or postural imbalance.

Whiplash; hyperextension and flexion of the neck which is a common injury during a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and causes sprain/strain of the spinal muscular and ligamentous tissues. Often patients only experience mild neck pain, stiffness or headaches at the time of injury. If left untreated immediately after the accident it can cause future complication in the cervical spine leading to postural distortion, spinal degeneration, pain and headaches. Most of the time these injuries go undetected on the initial scans like X-ray or MRI leading to untreated delayed symptoms in later years of life.

Sprain/strain can cause inflammation at the site of injury and affect a pre-existing condition or just increase the risk of spinal misalignment and degeneration.

We emphasize the importance of chiropractic care right after any injury to reprogram the postural changes, muscular adaptations and to reduce pain and inflammation.

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