Neck Pain

Did you wake up with neck pain, spasms or do you have a new or old neck injury? Neck pain can be caused from multiple reasons. First, it is important to know where exactly the neck pain is located and if it’s radiating into your head or arms. A thorough assessment from our Doctors will find the root cause of your pain

Neck discomfort can be caused by multiple underlying conditions like degeneration (arthritis), disc problems, nerve root impingements, hypertonic neck muscles, TMJ problems or from motor vehicle related whiplashes. Did you also know that sometimes your neck pain is not the primary problem but a compensation to a lower back pain or even a postural imbalance due to abnormal gait?

Shakti Chiro will create a treatment plan specifically designed to address the root cause of your pain in conjunction with correcting any structural imbalances.

Over the years, we see that patients who experience neck pain tend to address their issues much later on and thus this increases the frequency and intensity of the pain. Don’t delay! We can help you find relief!

Find out today how we can help you!